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No-Show Policy

Should an appointment be cancelled within 24 hours, or if the patient fails to appear for their appointment, or arrives later than 15 minutes of their allotted time, a $50-100 fee will be applied, depending on the appointment type. 


We understand that exceptional circumstances may arise, through no fault of your own, but this policy will apply to all patients who confirm an appointment time. 


The main purpose of this policy is to act as an instrument of fairness, to the public health care system, our clinic, and to all our other patients. We hope to rarely apply it. 

No-shows have an impact on the health care system, as patients often wait a long time for their appointments. As well, our clinic is not funded by outside sources, and so we are responsible for all operating costs. 

We hope you understand why we have implemented this policy, and thank you for your cooperation. 

BUT wait! What if the physician cancels on me?

This is a rare occurrence.


Should this happen, every effort will be made to reschedule with another physician that same day, if appropriate, or have a priority appointment time with the same physician in the future.  

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