General Services

  • Diagnosis, education, management, and/or treatment of any physiological impairment affecting the person’s ability to function

  • We are experts in how the bone, muscle, and nerve systems work together

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Special Services


Acute injury care

  • Assessment of musculoskeletal injuries within 6 weeks of onset


Arthritis care

  • Non-operative management of arthritis, with timely and appropriate referrals to surgical care


Concussion treatment (coming soon)

  • Description to be updated


EMG and nerve conduction studies


Neurology clinic (coming soon)

  • Description to be updated


Spasticity clinic (coming soon)

  • Management of increased muscle tone from conditions such as stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, and cerebral palsy


Sports, exercise, and lifestyle medicine

  • Unique to our practice, this is service is designed to meet the needs of both recreational and competitive athletes, wishing to enhance performance and minimize injury


Ultrasound-guided joint injections


Work-related injury management

  • Assessment of acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries arising from the workplace

  • Creation, supervision, and ongoing management of a graduated return to work protocol

Services We Do Not Provide

  • Evaluation of physical impairments that stem directly from a motor vehicle accidents.​

  • We do not prescribe or manage opioid medications. 

  • If an Independent Medical Examination is required, please contact our clinic.