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Sarcopenia is the progressive loss of muscle mass and physical function which occurs with aging.


  • 1) Low muscle strength (probable if this the only thing met) – Tested with hand goniometer

  • 2) Low muscle quantity or quality (confirmed if this is also met) – Tested with DXA scan (or CT/MRI)

  • 3) Low physical performance (severe if all three met) – Tested with timed walk ​



  • We care more about power (force over time); so best to do FUNCTIONAL exercises, weighted, doing concentric phase faster than eccentric phase

  • Low intensity and high velocity is effective for sarcopenia

Diet and Supplements

  • High levels of total protein (25-30 g) taken 1-3 hours after exercise

  • High intake of amino acids (leucine >2g)

  • Vitamin D 800 IU once daily

  • Creatine loading dose 20 g/day for 5-7 days, followed by maintenance dose 3-5 g/day

Exercise reduces falls by 23%, through a combination of

balance exercises, tai chi, and strengthening

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